The new Micro Focus File Governance Suite makes network data administration easier by not only letting you know what you’re storing and who has access to it, but lets you in turn, establish data management policies that automatically clean up, move, archive, delete, remediate, and perform a variety of other management actions. Additionally, the File Governance Suite offers data protection capabilities that protect High-Value Targets on your network from rom the potentially catastrophic effects of a ransomware attack.

The File Governance Suite includes a new update to Micro Focus File Reporter and the new Micro Focus File Dynamics product. These products are integrated to help you address your challenges regarding:

Meeting Today’s Data Governance Challenges Using File Governance Suite
Flyer Meeting Today’s Data Governance Challenges Using File Governance Suite

Data Governance and Compliance

  • Identify file access permissions
  • Identify files containing personal and sensitive information
  • Remediate the location of stored sensitive files

Data Growth

  • Determine what files are being stored
  • Determine the relevancy of your stored files
  • Establish policies to automatically move, archive, and delete files

Data Protection

  • Establish policies to protect High-Value-Targets
  • Recover files and permissions as they existed at a point in time
  • Delegate data protection and recovery to people familiar with the files

Data Management

  • Automatically move, archive, or delete files
  • Automatically provision user and group network storage repositories
  • Automatically load balance files across storage devices
File Reporter

Take charge of data security and growth by easily learning what you’re storing and who has access to it. File Reporter can report on petabytes of data.

  • Find what files you are hosting across all your servers
  • Find files containing personal or sensitive information
  • Know who has access to what files
  • See how users gained access to files
  • Identify how network storage is being used
File Reporter
File Dynamics

Automate an extensive set of data management tasks through identity-based and target-based policies.

  • Provision user and group storage areas
  • Move, load balance, and tier storage
  • Archive or delete storage
  • Protect High-Value Targets from data loss or ransomware attacks
  • Remediate the location of sensitive files
File Dynamics